We are actively investing in pre-seed, seed, and Series A opportunities. We are currently most focused on pre-seed companies.

Pre-seed check size: $10-$50K

Seed & Series A check size: $100-500K


We are a generalist fund focused on technology companies

We avoid investing in companies that fall into the following categories: medical devices, VR/AR, biotech/life sciences, pharmaceuticals, CPG, or any primarily hardware-focused businesses.


We seek to support entrepreneurs who are resilient, resourceful, purpose-driven, and aligned with Our Values.

An ideal portfolio company will solve a real problem and provide a positive impact on society. We want to proudly share with family and future generations why we supported the company.

We started VC investing as a family office to achieve the following goals:


Drive the creation of new jobs and support passionate entrepreneurs


Discover new technologies to complement our operating businesses


Deliver investments with outsized returns

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