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API driven remote access. Painless and secure property access for delivery, service, and short-term rental companies.

A micro betting platform that empowers real time sports betting each play of a game. (Pre-seed via SPV)

A mental health app that connects people with others who share their lived experience

AngelList provides the infrastructure so investors and startups can focus on what they do best. (Series B via SPV)

A platform of free mobile games where you earn real prizes simply for playing.

Simplebet turns every moment of every sporting event into a betting opportunity. (Series C via SPV)

Packaging Procurement, Simplified.

KeyCare is an Epic-based virtual care platform designed to help health systems improve by expanding their virtual care options for patients.

Unleashing the power of fresh food production for happier, healthier people

NameShouts helps the world pronounce names.

The Convoy is a marketplace helping small businesses leverage group-buying power to compete with larger enterprises.

Where professionals build meaningful relationships.

KYC Hospitality is the global technology ecosystem for hotels.

Republic gives you power to invest in the future you believe in. (Series A)

Lumanu is the leading business platform to help creators invoice brands, get paid fast, and share whitelisting permissions.

Frontdesk offers the highest ratings in the industry and comfortable, personalized stays in the best neighborhoods, curated by travel experts.

Buffalo Market is the leading distributor of major food and beverage brands that are focused on improving the world.

Warp World builds interactive tools to enhance video game and content creation experiences.

Perksy is a next-gen, DIY consumer insights platform that powers real-time research with Millennials and Gen-Z.

ShearShare is a B2B mobile marketplace for beauty professionals to manage and grow their business on their terms, starting with space to work.

Polco is an online community engagement platform that provides the tools local governments need to bring community members and leaders together.

TermScout is the contract rating company, providing free contract ratings for everyone and deep analyses for serious contract professionals.

BoothCentral is an all-in-one live virtual expo venue with easy built-in vendor management tools.

Acquired by Arria NLG in 2021, Boost provides basketball coaches with analytics that enable more informed decisions.

Freeplay provides a platform for fitness instructors to run their business and a place for anyone to take live or in-person classes from their favorite trainers.

Fiveable is an online learning community for high school students.

Shower Stream's smart shower sensor technology is saving hotels $20M+ in annual utility costs by solving guest behavioral water waste in the shower.

Swannies makes lifestyle apparel for on and off the golf course.

Paxafes applies AI and machine learning to manage risk in the supply chain.

Holos provides a VR content management system that makes it super easy for you to create and deploy hands-on learning experiences.

Storr provides the most personalized, social, and easy-to-use remote sales platform.

EnsoData enables the discovery, identification, and actionable reporting of critical to understand patterns and trends in health data through Waveform AI.

Acquired by Plex in 2018, DATTUS's Industrial-IoT platform provided manufacturers with the real-time information needed to make informed decisions.

BioLogiQ is creating the future of sustainable plastic
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